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If you are looking for professional advice on the susceptibility of your property to termites, then call our Oatley office for your experienced termite inspection specialist on 0481 194 619.

Is your home or business safe from termites?

Do you follow Australian Standards guideline and have your premises checked annually?

Damage to property caused by termites in Australia is greater than all the damage caused by natural disasters, floods and fires and storms.

Termite Sentricon Termidor

Termite Inspection Obligations

Qualified and Experienced Termite Inspection Specialist

The rules and obligations for termite inspection in Australia is to be conducted pursuant to AS 3600 series and AS 4349 series prepared by the Standards Australia Committee.

Understanding and complying with the guidelines set out be Standards Australia are important for Pest Control Inspectors and Householders because it is all about Customer Protection.

The obligation of the pest control inspector is to identify timber pest risks and issues and then effectively inform the customer of the importance and meaning of any risks or issues that have been identified.

A treatment plan, if required, is then developed in accordance with Standard Australia guidelines and presented to the customer.

When you book your termite inspection, be sure that your technician is qualified, experienced and follows Australian Standard Guidelines.

What To Expect During A Termite Inspection

Are All Termite Inspections the Same?

Every Sydney property is unique and requires through experience to assess termite risks to your dwelling.

The four key elements with any inspection can be listed as: Area to inspect: Inspection process: Limitations & Reporting.

Your report following an inspection will identify the existence of termite damage or active termites and conducive conditions that increase your risk of termite attack.

We Use the Latest And Best Termite Inspection Tools And Methods.

Moisture Meters Together with Experienced Termite Specialist

Utilising the latest tools and techniques are important to providing a thorough and professional termite inspection.

Together with tradition techniques of physical inspection and sounding of timbers we utilise moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras and motion sensor devices.

Years of experience is also very important to correctly using and reading the results from these instruments.

Termite Inspection Equipment & Techniques

What Equipment and Techniques are used?

Moisture Meter – an electronic instrument is used to assess the presents and content of moisture in timbers, dry plaster walls and bricks.

Motion Sensor Device – we utilise a Termatrac devise that can detect movement. It is like a hand held radar.

Stethoscope – this is a listening device to hear sounds.

Sounding – this is a technique where timber is tapped with a solid object or specialised tool. A hollow sound may indicate termite damage.

Borescope – this instrument is used to view voids in structures through a small hole.

Lifting or removal – where required, the lifting, removal, drilling or cutting of building elements may be completed. Permission is required first before any potentially destruction action is completed.

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We service all areas of Sydney, particularly St George & Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury Bankstown, Inner West and South Western Sydney.

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