Pest Control Specialist with Safe Treatments for Spiders Ants and Cockroaches and Many More

We can get rid of your nuisance pests with safe and effective methods

Safety is important for AB1 Pest Control as your pest control specialist. We can eradicate nuisance pests in your home or business premises. We only use low and non-toxic treatments to remove spiders ants and cockroaches. Pet friendly for your dog and cat other household pets.

Our experienced technician can provide environmentally friendly pest control solutions that can reduce the number of pests without the use of any chemical treatment.

What Can I Expect During A Pest Control Service?

An Initial Inspection is Conducted for any Spiders Ants and Cockroaches and any other Unwanted Pests

The first thing our experienced pest control technician will do when attending your property is listen to YOU to understand YOUR particular concerns.

A thorough inspection of your home for current or potential pest problems will occur during the service.

Together with the technician you will have a customised plan to treat and remove the pests from your home and keep them out.

Every Sydney Premises is Unique and Requires Experienced Review

When Treating Spiders Ants and Cockroaches, What is the Right Solution for You?

Every Sydney premises is unique and requires an experienced pest control technician to work with you to determine the right solution for you.

When our technician attends your house, they will take into consideration some, or all, of the following things: The type of construction of your home, the slope of the land and soil type (these may cause water run off or drainage issues that are conducive to certain pests), trees or shrubs on your or your neighbours property, decking and any covered areas, the presents of pets or children, the type of wildlife in the area (this can effect the type of treatment to apply and where to apply it or not), the time of day and weather conditions (certain pests can be active or inactive at different times of the day), fence type and condition…..the list goes on…..

The above information will assist the technician in determining the types and location of pests in and around your property.

Solutions to pest control may include non chemical treatments by removing or altering things that are known to be conducive to pests becoming a nuisance at your property.

The technician together with the householder can then tailor a personalised treatment plan for you.

What Guarantee Do I Get That The Treatment Will Be A Success?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Our Pest Control Treatments

If targeted pests return between treatments, we will return and complete a re-service at no extra charge.

Your pest control report that is provided to your will record the services that have been provided. It will include any recommendations to keep your home safe from pests year round.

Your report will also note the types of pests that have been targeted during the treatment and the respective warranty period.

If pests persist during the warranty period we will Return For FREE.

Termite Sentricon Termidor

Area of Service
We service all areas of Sydney, particularly St George & Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury Bankstown, Inner West and South Western Sydney.

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