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When termite swarming season occurs usually either side of summer it may be time to contact your termite control specialist. If it is not too hot and not too cold, on a day with high humidity the termite nest will release alates (reproductive winged termites) to try to start a new colony.

Flying ants and flying termites might look similar but a close inspection can differentiate the two.

Ants that fly have unequal wing shapes, segmented bodies and elbowed antennae.

Termites that fly (alates) have equal wing shapes, head thorax and abdomen of equal width and straight antennae.

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What Do I Do When I Find Termites In My House?

You Need Fast and Effective Treatment for Termite. Don’t Spray them with Fly Spray. Call your Local Termite Control Specialist Immediately.

If you suspect or know you have termites, you have to apply fast and effective treatment immediately.

Many customers that encounter termites in their home reach out for a can of fly spray. This may kill a few termites that they can see but it may hinder the opportunity to eradicate the termites from your home and it certainly will do nothing to eliminate the termite colony that may number in the millions.

The termite eradication treatment available to licensed pest controllers are termiticide dusts, foams and baits that when correctly applied will clear your home of termites.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Termites (white ants) In Your House?

Termite Treatments are Performed by Termite Control Specialists

Termites digest the wood in your home and transfer it back through the colony to feed the colony and the queen. Termite treatments utilise this behavior to eradicate the colony.

The licensed termiticide products are designed to be ‘carried’ through the colony and back to the queen to kill the colony.

So, it is very important that the initial treatments are done correctly and that sufficient termites come into contact with the termiticide.

If you find termites or suspect you have termites, call your local termite specialist pest controller immediately.

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How Do I Stop Termites From Attacking My Home?

What is the Best Way to Stop Termites?

Every house in Sydney is unique, so the method of protection for your home will need to be individually tailored.

There are two main treatment methods to safeguard your greatest asset.

  1. create a treated zone in the soil around your house
  2. apply a bait to target the colony nest

These two methods can be used in conjunction or separately. It will depend on type and location of your house, the termite risk profile of your area. There are many other considerations that will be used to determine the right treatment for your home.

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