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Resident in the area for several decades

AB1 Pest Control has local experience near you for pest control in Hurstville Grove using the latest techniques and equipment.

Our new treatment is receiving great feedback for the fast and effective eradication of pests while being safe for the family and pet friendly.

The rain is much needed, it will however bring out the cockroaches. Ants are also invading homes after their nests are flooded with the heavy rains.

Your pest service will usually include a warranty to exterminate the targeted pests to your satisfaction. If it is required, we will return to review and retreat for Free any targeted pests during the warranty period.

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Our Hurstville Grove Service is Second to None

We will not only meet, but we will exceed your expectations

We will inspect your Hurstville Grove home thoroughly for existing or potential problems.

Our treatment will provide a perimeter of protection for your home.

We will treat and remove all accessible wasp nests and spider webs while using the safest available methods.

We detail the services that we have provided and provide recommendations to keep your home free of pests. You receive a customised plan to keep the pests out of your home year round.

Between treatments we stay in touch with you and respond to any inquiries or particular needs.


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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Keep Spiders Under Control With Regular Treatments with AB1 Pest Control

Don’t let spiders ruin a relaxing backyard BBQ or having your children or guests playing safely in your backyard.

Regular pest control treatments, together with keeping spider hiding places to a minimum and removing webs will help keep the spider population down at your home.

There are a number of ways to keep spiders in check and stay safe outside without the use of any spray treatments. When gardening use gloves and closed shoes. Keep children’s toys off the ground.

Discuss other tips to stay safe with your pest control technician when they undertake a pest safety inspection of your Hurstville Grove home.

Low and Non Toxic Treatments Used For Your Hurstville Grove Pest Control and Termite Service

Keep Your Pets and Children Safe and the Unwanted Pests Under Control

The latest and most advanced treatments available are used by AB1 Pest Control Hurstville Grove during a pest control service. Pet friendly treatments used.

This season we are using the latest treatments. Customer feedback has been outstanding, particularly our new indoor formulation. Some companies may use a low odour formulation, but we use a treatment that is no odour.

The new treatment works differently to most other regular treatments, it has been approved by Australian scientists at APVMA for use in child care centres, hospitals, schools, commercial premises and hospitals so it is very safe to use.

5 Star customer review

Urgent Pest Control & Termite Treatments

What to do is you find termites in your Hurstville Grove home

If you find active termites at your home during renovations or other discovery, it is very important to apply immediate and correct treatment to the termites.

Call us for urgent pest control in Hurstville Grove and termite treatments.

Do not spray the termites with an insecticide from the supermarket or hardware store. You will kill a few of the termites, but the remaining up to a million termites will still be lurking, waiting for the next opportunity to recommence feasting on your home.

The wrong treatment will cause greater difficulty to remove the termites from your home and increase the damage and cost to make your home free of termites.

A thorough termite inspection is conducted and a suitable treatment plan devised. It could include the use of termiticide dusts, foams, baits or liquid treatments.

For a brief introduction to keeping your Hurstville Grove home safe from termites, watch the following video from the Bug Dr.

End Of Lease Pest Control Hurstville Grove

Best Local Flea Fumigation Pest Service

An end of lease flea treatment is often required when you are vacating your rental premises and you have pets (dogs or cats).

We offer a fast and efficient same day service and provide a certificate for end of lease flea treatment.

A standard rental agreement often requires for the carpets to be cleaned if you have a pet (usually a dog or cat). You may be asked to have a flea service completed by a licensed pest service. While your pet may not show evidence of fleas, the flea eggs may stay dormant for many weeks or months before hatching, causing the following tenant issues.

Refer to your rental agreement or inquire with your real estate agent regarding your obligations.

We provide fast and affordable quotes for your home or office.

Flea Control for your Pets

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Termite Sentricon Termidor

Area of Service
We service Hurstville Grove and all areas of Southern Sydney, particularly St George & Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury Bankstown, Inner West and South Western Sydney.

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