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AB1 Pest & Termite Control Oatley is your local termite inspection and control specialist in Oatley.

The climate in Sydney has ideal conditions throughout the year for insects to multiply. You will see a particular increase in activity in the time following a few hot days when there has been rain.

Regular pest inspections and treatments are important to control pests that can be destructive to property. Many pests are harmful to you and your family or just a nuisance.

German cockroaches will still remain as a major pest. The sprays and baits that you get from the supermarket will not get rid of these cockroaches. Call us about the use of new non-repellent treatments. The treatments are safe and guaranteed to get rid of German cockroaches (the small brown ones).

While we specialise in termite management, we can also get rid of all your nuisance pests like, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents, wasps and many more.

If you have termites it is important that you get urgent and correct treatment to minimise the damage and cost that termites can cause.

A thorough inspection of your home is required to determine the presents of termites and evaluate the risk to your home and any potential preventative measures that may be required.

It is recommended that a termite inspection is completed annually.

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Oatley Park Playground

Are There Any Termites in Oatley? – Yes

Natural bushland means termite inspections in Oatley is needed

Late last year I walked up to the new Oatley Park Adventure Playground with my son. While he was riding his scooter I could not help myself investigating nearby trees. Found 3 trees with termite nests within 30 meters of the playground.

The big tree right in the middle of the park at the exit of the large green slide has termites, genus nasutitermes.

Next time your visiting the park, see if you can find the other 2 termite nests.

The termites are only doing what is natural to them in seeking out wood to sustain the colony. You just don’t want them in your home.

See the photos that I took on the day of the termite nest in a tree, lone termite and a termite nest on the ground next to a path.

If you wish to hear what termites sound like when they have been disturbed, refer to the video on our Termite Control Specialist page.

Termite nests
Ant Spider Cockroach Rodent
Oatley termites

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Urgent Termite Treatment – Termite Inspections Oatley

What To Do If You Find Termites At Your Home – Termite Inspections Oatley

If you find active termites at your home during renovations or other discovery, it is very important to apply immediate and correct treatment to the termites.

Call your local termite specialist for advice.

Do not spray the termites with an insecticide from the supermarket or hardware store. You may kill a few of the termites, but the remaining up to a million termites will still be lurking, waiting for the next opportunity to recommence feasting on your home.

The wrong treatment will cause greater difficulty to remove the termites from your home and increase the damage and cost to make your home free of termites.

A thorough termite inspection should be conducted and a suitable treatment plan devised. It could include the use of termiticide dusts, foams, baits or liquid treatments.

For a brief introduction to keeping your Oatley home safe from termites, watch the following video from the Bug Dr.


How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

What type of cockroaches do you have?

Cleaning floors, kitchens and bathrooms is useful. Keeping food sources and water away from pests will also help.

Pests can still get inside your home from infested items that you may bring into your home.

They can also get inside from gaps and cracks in your home exterior or enter drain pipes and even just fly in.

Our treatments target all entry points.

You may find that the products that you buy from supermarkets and hardware stores does not kill off enough of the cockroaches.

Our treatments target pests as they have no little resistance to it.

5 Star Google Review
Google 5 star review

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Our Oatley Service is Second to None

Not just meeting, but exceeding expectations

We will inspect your Oatley home thoroughly for existing or potential problems.

Our treatment will provide a perimeter of protection for your home.

We will treat and remove all accessible wasp nests and spider webs while using the safest available methods.

We detail the services that we have provided and provide recommendations to keep your home free of pests. You receive a customised plan to keep the pests out of your home year round.

Between treatments we stay in touch with you and respond to any inquiries or particular needs.

Ant Spider Cockroach Rodent

Low and Non Toxic Treatments Used For Your Oatley Pest Service – Pet Friendly

Keep Your Pets and Children Safe and the Unwanted Pests Under Control

The latest and most advanced treatments available are used by AB1 Pest Control during a pest control service.

Our treatments are very effective on targeted pests. It is very safe for children and is pet friendly.

Customer feedback following our service has been outstanding, particularly our new indoor formulation. Some companies may use a low odour formulation, but we use a treatment that is NO odour.

The treatment is a non repellent and works differently to what you normally get from the supermarket or hardware store.

It has been approved by Australian scientists at APVMA for use in child care centres, hospitals, schools, commercial premises and hospitals so it is very safe to use.

How To Remove A Tick

Do not use household tweezers

Ticks can transmit up to 15 viruses and infections. Some effects from tick bites to people are still yet to be fully understood.

Ticks are pests to people and your pets.

Some symptoms from tick bites include; fatigue, fever, headache, joint pain or skin rashes.

When removing ticks use caution. Grasp between the ticks head and hosts skin with specialist tweezers or tick remover and slowly pull away. Do not squeeze the tick. Better still is to freeze the tick with a skin freezing spray from the chemist.

Watch the video on this page for more information on how to remove a tick.

Termite Sentricon Termidor

Frequently Asked Questions

We always choose the most environmentally friendly pest control solution

Safety and the environment are very important.

We ensure that our treatments exceed the highest standards set and regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority).

The products that we use are approved by Australian scientists at APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority).

When chemicals are used, they are strictly low and non-toxic and registered for use in hospitals, schools, child care centres and commercial kitchens.

Preparation needed before the pest control service

Nothing needs to be done by you in preparation for the pest control treatment.

We  treat the room edges around the skirting boards, so it is advisable to move any clothing items or toys from off the ground.

It is usually not required to empty your kitchen cupboards. We apply a dust or gel to treat any insect harbourages (cracks and crevices & door hinges).

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We service the Oatley area of Sydney, particularly St George & Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury Bankstown, Inner West and South Western Sydney.

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