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AB1 Pest Control & Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown has local experience in pest control and termite inspections in the Canterbury Bankstown area using the latest techniques and equipment. We will remove or eradicate all your unwanted pests, including spiders, ants, cockroaches, rodents (rats & mice), termites and many more.

We can provide urgent and immediate pest control and termite treatments.

Residential and commercial customers in the St George area require year round protection from the damage caused by nuisance pests. Rodents (rats and mice) and all other types of vermin can be particularly invasive as they seek shelter inside buildings. If you hear scratching or chewing noises, particularly throughout the night, it could be rodents in your roof.

During a pest inspection to determine if you have a possum or vermin, our specialist technician will understand the tell tale signs to identify if you have a rodent, mouse or possum. Rodents are a health issue for your family, pets and staff.

Termites are active throughout the year. Aust scientists from the CSIRO recommend that all Sydney properties should have a termite inspection at least yearly. Some properties close to bushland may require more frequent inspections if they are in a high risk area. Damage caused by termites in not covered by your insurance.

Certain cockroaches, particularly the German cockroach will continue to breed and be active throughout the year. These cockroaches have built up resistance to many standard sprays that you buy from the supermarket. You might slow down their spread but they can be soon out of control. Professional treatment is required.

We utilise the latest treatments that can eradicate German cockroaches while still being safe for your family. Ask us about the new non- repellent treatments that we use that these cockroaches have no resistance too.

A warranty guarantee is usually provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Ant Spider Cockroach Rodent
Oatley Park Playground

Oatley Park Adventure Playground

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Local Profile For Pest Control

Canterbury Bankstown Council has local responsibility for this area.

Georges River Council has an estimated population of 280,000.

Many transportation options within the St George area including, the Princes Highway, the South Western Motorway (M5), the Sydney International and Domestic airports and the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra railway lines.

Some major features in the area include, Westfield Shopping Centre, Kogarah Town Centre, Rockdale Plaza Shopping Centre, Hurstville Entertainment Centre, St George Hospital, Johnny Warren Indoor Sport Centre, Hurstville Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Bexley Swimming and Leisure Centre, Sydney TAFE College

St George has many golf clubs at Bardwell Valley, Beverley Park, Bexley, Hurstville and Kogarah.

Parks and recreation areas include Barton Park, Hurstville Oval, Kogarah Park, Oatley Park, Poulton Park, Riverine Park, Scarborough Park and Jubilee Oval.

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Cockroaches in Kogarah

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Get AB1 Pest Control To Get Rid Of Spiders

Keep Spiders Under Control With Regular Treatments with AB1 Pest Control & Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown

Don’t let spiders ruin a relaxing backyard BBQ or having your children or guests playing safely in your backyard.

Regular pest control treatments, together with keeping spider hiding places to a minimum will help keep the spider population down at your home.

There are a number of ways to keep spiders in check and stay safe outside without the use of any spray treatments. When gardening use gloves and closed shoes. Keep children’s toys off the ground. Discuss other tips to stay safe with your pest control technician when they undertake a pest safety inspection of your home.

Sydney Spiders

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Low and Non Toxic Treatments Only Used For Your Pest Control Canterbury Bankstown Service

Keep Your Pets and Children Safe and the Unwanted Pests Under Control

The latest and most advanced treatments available are used by AB1 Pest Control & Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown during a pest control service. Pet friendly treatments.

Customer feedback from our treatments has been outstanding, particularly our new indoor formulation. Some companies may use a low odour formulation, but we use a treatment that is NO odour.

The new treatment works differently to most other regular treatments, it has been approved by Australian scientists at APVMA for use in child care centres, hospitals, schools, commercial premises and hospitals so it is very safe to use.

St George - Georges River Council Map

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Urgent Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown with AB1 Pest Control

What To Do If You Find Termites At Your St George Area Home

If you find active termites at your home during renovations or other discovery, it is very important to apply immediate and correct treatment to the termites.

Call your local termite inspection specialist for advice.

Do not spray the termites with an insecticide from the supermarket or hardware store. You may kill a few of the termites, but the remaining up to a million termites will still be lurking, waiting for the next opportunity to recommence feasting on your home.

The wrong treatment will cause greater difficulty to remove the termites from your home and increase the damage and cost to make your home free of termites.

A thorough termite inspection should be conducted and a suitable treatment plan devised. It could include the use of termiticide dusts, foams, baits or liquid treatments.

For a brief introduction to keeping your Canterbury Bankstown Area home safe from termites, watch the following video from the Bug Dr.

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Why Do You Need Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown For Your Home

Termite Inspection St George & Treatments Are A Specialty For AB1 Pest Control

Termites can cause extensive and costly damage to your home if left unchecked. The damage caused by termites is not covered by your insurance.

There are many different types of termites that may be in and around your property. They eat wood and any cellulose based products like paper and cardboard.

Some people refer to them as white ants but they are not part of the ant order (Hymenoterans). They are actually more closely related to the cockroach family of insect (order Blattodea).

Depending on the species there can be up to a million or more termites within a colony. Termites in the colony perform different roles. There are workers that dig tunnels and collect food for the colony. For protection from ants and other invaders, there are soldier termites. The soldiers can be identified with larger darker heads and large jaws or mandibles.

There are flying termites that are sent out annually to start new colonies.

Of course there is the queen that can produce 30,000 eggs per day, depending on the species.

We use a thermal imaging camera for a complete and thorough inspection.

Pest Control St George Thermal Inslection

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How To Remove A Tick 

Do not use household tweezers

Ticks can transmit up to 15 viruses and infections. Some effects from tick bites to people are still yet to be fully understood.

Ticks are pests to people and your pets.

Some symptoms from tick bites include; fatigue, fever, headache, joint pain or skin rashes.

When removing ticks use caution. Grasp between the ticks head and hosts skin with specialist tweezers or tick remover and slowly pull away. Do not squeeze the tick. Better still is to freeze the tick with a skin freezing spray from the chemist.

Watch the video on this page for more information on how to remove a tick.

Make Your Home Rodent Free

How to get rid of rats, mice and other vermin

Rodents (rats and mice) are vermin and carry disease and bacteria. Their droppings can cause health issues, particularly to pets and children.

They may introduce fleas, ticks and mites into your home.

Rats are neo-phobic, this means that they have a fear of new objects. They are very cautious and this has to be considered when setting up traps and baits.

The house mouse is very inquisitive and will venture into many areas looking for food. They will leave a trail droppings that are small and black and and the size of small grains of rice.

There are ultrasonic devices that make claims to make your St George area home rodent free and eradicate other household pests, but there is no scientific evidence to show that they work in real world situations.

Norway Rat in Penshurst

Norway Rat – (Rattus Norvegicus) also called the brown rat, sewer rat, street rat or wharf rat.

House Mouse

House Mouse – (Mus Musculus) Long snout, large round ears and a long hairy tail.

Roof Rat

Roof Rat – (Rattus Rattus) also called the black rat, ship rat or house rat.

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Call AB1 Pest Control & Termite Inspection Canterbury Bankstown To Exterminate All Your Rodents (Rats & Mice)

Vermin are a health issue to your Canterbury Bankstown district home

To effectively eradicate rodents from your home, a thorough inspection is required.

The droppings of rodents (rats and mice) differ in size and profile and can be used to identify the location and type of rat or mouse.

Rats and mice leave gnaw marks as they try to keep the shape and sharpness of their teeth.

Rub marks along edges can also indicate rodent activity.

Sightings of rodents during the day can indicate a large infestation.

Watch the video on this page for more information on how to identify and get rid of rodents. Understanding Sydney’s Rats and Mice. Video courtesy of Focus Films.

Video about Understanding Sydney’s Rats & Mice

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We service all areas of Sydney NSW, particularly St George & Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury Bankstown, Inner West and South Western Sydney.

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